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MikeGap came from a poor family that lived in the run-down areas of Kensington Market, Toronto.

Frustrated that everybody else had wealth and purchased more or less what they wanted, but he couldn't.

Even if it was 5 dollars he couldn't purchase it back in the day. My parents needed those extra 5 bucks. 5 bucks WAS A LOT BACK THEN.

So I had to figure wealth out. First I tried saving, but saving when you make no money is pretty ridiculous. Like what are you saving? HAHA

So I googled and researched everything that I can do to make money.


I've done everything from cutting grass to doing surveys to clicking random things on the internet and hoping money would flow...

But not much was being made, or too much time and energy for little return. So I chilled a bit and focused on gaming, because well I was 13 years or younger. I had that luxury. LoL.

Thankfully through gaming, especially games like Neopets, HabboHotel, Guild Wars and WoW, I literally learned about banking, interest rates, money management, credit, computer programming, online eCommerce, and the value people placed on virtual goods and that people purchased things online. To me this was mind blowing.

Which gave me this great idea!


Why not sell the virtual items that people really adore on these gaming websites? Which is what I DID!

So, let's just say before I started selling physical products on eBay I was actually selling Digital products from HabboHotel, Guild Wars and World of Warcraft on eBay. I was making a juicy amount of money simply from gaming.

I would do chest runs in Guild wars, you would need an expensive key, so that you can collect 100 unidentified gold items and then sell them in lots of 10 on eBay, for $50 a pack. I was making $200 a day.

Unfortunately, after some time eBay banned the sale of digital items, and I had to figure out how to make money again.


So I decided why not sell physical items on eBay? I realized my parents loved to go to garage sales. Its pretty much "take my stuff please" sale.

Literally people would be selling everything from jewellery to TVs to gaming consoles next to nothing. Like I mean $0.25 for a product worth $20-$400!

So, I WAS LIKE "CHA CHING", lets sell it on eBay.

And that is what I did. I MADE A LOT OF money through this

A $5K-20K a month revenues!


Eventually I had no clue on how to scale it.

I was cash strapped, even though the eBay business was making moolah I couldn't take any money out of it to scale it by 10x without killing the momentum.

It needed credit, investors or extra capital.

And this is when CREDIT became important to me. Unfortunately, I didn't learn EVERYTHING ABOUT credit in terms of how to use it to scale my business. By the time I learned I already gave up on selling on eBay since I couldn't figure out how to scale it when I was 18 and younger, and I didn't learn about credit leveraging until I was 21.

So eBay was a goner, but I still wanted to sell physical products...


I learned about DHgate, Aliexpress and Alibaba and how to build your own websites, and to this day I genuinely believe there is a lot of gold hidden on those websites in terms of potential hot selling products.

Also, I was learning more about credit and building my credit and credit sources

With importing products and selling on your own platform that means no more running around obtaining used goods to resell and no longer giving a cut to eBay, thus keeping all your profits to yourself.

I saw soooo MANY awesome products to import, rebrand and resell, but before doing all this I first needed to TEST the product.

I would in the beginning focus on products that sold quickly on eBay so I can build capital and know consistently I can resell it.


With this Data I would then use my credit sources, because I needed to purchase anywhere between 200-500 units to rebrand, advertise, and build a website.

And 500 units is A LOT upfront, at least to a 21 year old.

The manufacturer needed $25K upfront, which I paid with my credit card (leverage purchase & dispute protection and grace period) and then used my business line of credit once the grace period was over to pay off the credit card since the APR interest rate was LOWER. 8% APR VS 20.99%, so I can then leverage the lower interest rate.

And then I had to pay $5K after the product was finished and ready to be delivered.


This process takes time, and sometimes that time doesn't give any money back until the whole process is finished and up and running.

But with the data I knew the $30K in credit borrowed would be paid back. It was just obvious.

The sales on eBay were nuts, nobody was doing anything other than eBay to sell the same exact product, nor where they doing any form of ads.

I was gonna win this, and worst case scenario I can just sell it on eBay.

So I am slowly bleeding money until the product is made, website is made, advertising is made, organic advertising is made and etc.


I calculated for how long I can bleed money which was around 2.5 years based on my month to month expenses that I needed to live.

And how long it would take to pay back the loan, which was 1 year and 5 months months based off the eBay month to month sales data.

So everything looked GREAT in my favor.

I imported the product, built the website, did some organic ads and immediately sold 100 units! I leveraged my credit so I wouldn't be cash strapped and make stupid penny pinching mistakes.

I then leveraged MORE CREDIT to fuel my ads and pay for quality video production.

Thus, I was doing stores that were making $5K, $35K, $50K+ a month!


And at the same time I built my business credit even bigger and better, because if I need $50K I have it, if I need $200K+ I have it, and if I need even more I have it!

I have a HUGE FLOAT which makes preparation for business opportunities so much easier now with that extra credit on hand!

Whether personal or business don't forget about credit.

Its the fuel and stabilizer to your personal and business health and wealth.

Whether getting a mortgage, stabilizing your personal income or building your business empire.

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